Hipertronics LTD.  - General Profile
Background: Hipertronics Ltd. Company was founded in 1981 in Israel. Since it's foundation it has specialized in importing, distributing, design and installation services of advance electronic-photonic-digital devices and materials like: electronic components, active and passive ones, PA-Sound, Power supply, technical equipments, CCTV and large variety of Audio, Video, Computer parts. In addition, sales of special communication and electric cables and components to industrial customers in Israel.
Hipertronics Ltd. is a registered supplier to Hi-Tech industry, Electricity companies, defense industry, IDF and Government agencies, Education institutions and schools, contractors and to end users and markets.
Hipertronics Ltd. is a member in the Federation of Israeli Chamber Of Commerce and is an ISO9001:2008 certified company. Hipertronics Ltd. Owns a chain of shops-locations for sales and distribution of goods in 6 biggest cities centers in Israel. There are 18 full time sales employers, 4 managers and business developers and 3 scientific & technology consultants. The company has shares in several daughter companies like Hipertronics Millennium Ltd. From year 2001 the company is working to expand its activities to Central-East European countries like Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria. In addition the company is looking to add a selection of goods and new products in the field of electronics components, imaging devices, security products, acoustic and RF systems, wireless products and renewable energy modules and systems.
The company starts to set-up an international distribution and sales chain with selected local companies.
The owner of the company and the General Manager is Mr. Noyman Haim, an electronic engineer and business manager with 34 years of successful experience.
Hipertronics Ltd. is importing goods globally from regions like Far-East, Asia, Europe and North America with solid reputation in countries such as China (including Hong Kong). The following list is an example of supplier sources to the company:


 8 Moshe Goshen Ave., Kiriat Motzkin, 26310 Israel

 Tel. 972-4-8711121, 972-4-8730099;

Fax 972-4-8707878

Email: office@hipertronics.co.il




  • שדרות משה גושן 8 מוצקין
  • 04-8711121
  • office@hipertronics.co.il
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